General Questions

    This is an add-on for JIRA that adds the ability to create a glossary of terms and their definitions for each JIRA project.

    Matching terms are then automatically highlighted within your issues, and the definition for a term is shown when you mouse-over the highlighted term.
    It's not uncommon for projects to accumualate a wealth of project-specific terms that can be hard for new users, as well as existing users to remember. Simple Glossary makes it easier for any user to find the definition of a term.

    The benefit is clearer communication, and less time spent trying to figure out what the words in an issue mean.
    The Simple Glossary plugin creates a new section within your project to manage the glossary terms.
    Terms are automatically stored in your JIRA Database, and will show up in any issue that contains the matching terms.
    All the terms & their definitions are stored within the JIRA database, and are thus automatically part of your backup strategy (you have a backup strategy, right??).
    Not at all.

    With the Atlassian Marketplace, you can install the add-on from inside of your JIRA server using your browser. You don't have to go to the server command line to copy files or configure XML files or anything like that.
    For more detailed steps, take a look at our documentation
    Absolutely not.
    Definitions for Terms can be plain text. And if you want to format them with JIRA Wiki Markup, JIRA 6.4 onward ships with a convenient Wiki Editor that should help with that.
    After installation, when you visit a project, you will see a new link in the left navigation bar for "Glossary".
    This is where you can manage the Terms and Definitions.

    Once you've defined some Terms, when you visit a JIRA Issue, you will see any matching terms highlighted within the issue automatically. You will also see a list of terms that are found in the current issue within the right sidebar of the issue.
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